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Key Benefits

Built by industry experts. Fingertip was created to answer some of our industry's biggest challenges, such as lack of visibility, trust and sustainability up and down the supply chain.

Fingertip assists your organisation in saving time and cost, reducing travel, getting full transparency on the supply chain, benefitting from instant visibility and increasing your productivity.  

Fingertip solves some of your biggest business issues bringing back simplicity and efficiency from Purchase Order to shipment.

Save Time!
Through automation of your production processes, Fingertip saves you up to 50% of the time spent on inspections and audits.
Save Cost!
Fingertip protects you from expensive quality failures and delays by optimizing the potential of remote monitoring.
Improve Productivity
Manage your order from anywhere, 24/7 through Fingertip's cloud based "all-in-one" platform.
Full Transparency
Bringing all stakeholders together in 1 single Digital Platform. Fingertip creates true collaboration, full transparency and visibility.
Reduce Travel
Fingertip's remote working capabilities have a direct impact on the need to travel. Your team can now have a better understanding of what's happening on the ground without actually being there.
Instant Visibility
Know what's happening with your production at anytime, from any device. Fingertip offers key highlights, visual trackers and notifications to give you a clear look at the status of your order.

Quality Support Fingertip module.

Time and money-saving inspections module to monitor and manage your production quality.

QSF allows your own QA/QC team, your agency or your supplier to conduct all standard quality inspections and audits required to green-light your production.​
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Production board Fingertip module.

A smart and collaborative digital order & production management module.

PBF enables you to monitor and follow up on your orders from Purchase Order to shipment.

It also increases remote collaboration between you, your partners, your offices and your suppliers.

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Live-boards module.

Get game-changing actionable Live-boards and statistics of your production.

The instant power of data intelligence opens a world of opportunities: analyze, plan and prevent.

Fingertip turns data collected on the factory floor into your next smartest move.
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Company Portal Module

Your own digital Company platform to connect, learn, inform, act and interact, simply accessible from one unique space for all your employees, everyday.

Fingertip’s Company Portal centralises information from all departments of your organisation.

Just with the Tip of their Finger, employees can find what they are looking for. The active company news-banner will keep them updated, daily, anywhere, from any device.

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Some of our best features

Take a look at some of the most exciting features available inside our modules.
Chat Box

Our in-app chat makes instant one-on-one or group communication simple, quick and easy.

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Notifications & Alerts

Fingertip’s notifications and ToDo’s feature keeps you focused on your tasks.

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Digital Tape

Make your inspection even faster with our Fingertip digital measurement tape.

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Instant Reports

Results of inspections are immediately sent to your Fingertip Cloud. Check them from any device.

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