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Can I migrate my data from my current system to Fingertip?

The answer is yes! Fingertip relies on many APIs to allow our customers to connect their current system to our platform. Our team will support you to make sure you go through a smooth transition to Fingertip.

Can I customize Fingertip?

Anything's possible with Fingertip. If you can use our platform quickly in a "plug & play" style, our team is dedicated to listen to your specific needs and adapt our Supply Chain Management platform to fit your processes and workflows. Contact Niels, our digital transition expert to get you a personalised quote.

I'm only interested in one module, do I need to purchase everything?

Of course not! Fingertip is a tool to help you digitalizing your processes. Each organisation might be at a different milestone in their journey, some already use a specific system , some have nothing and want to embark on the digital adventure. Our platform hosts digital modules. Each module was built to help you solve a specific issue in your supply chain management. You can combine the modules you need in any way you like. You can Purchase the Quality Support Fingertip only if you just want to digitalize your inspections & audits process. Fingertip is Simple, you don't know how much yet.

Is Fingertip supported for all devices?

Yes, Fingertip can be found on any app store of your choice and downloaded on any mobile device. Our tool was designed to be used on mobile in the factory, to make the work of your supplier much simpler, and for our clients to have access to real-time information no matter where they are in the world and from any device. For managers, the desktop version of the app will help them review reports, approve inspections and get full visibility on an order from Purchase Order til shipment.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data stored in the Fingertip Cloud is safe. We follow the right ISO certifications while using the reliable solutions from Microsoft Cloud. Your data is your most important asset. Want to talk to our data security expert before taking the leap? Say Hi to him here.

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