Time and money-saving inspections module supporting you to monitor and manage production quality. Fingertip gives the power to your own QA/QC team, your agency or your supplier to conduct all standard quality inspections and audits to prevent and fix defects required to green-light your production.

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Quality support features overview.

Automated Inspections module helping your team, agency or suppliers to self-monitor while you receive instant reports on the quality status. QSF helps you save money and time by cancelling repetitive tasks. The module enables you to conduct Industry standard Pre-final and Final Inspections as well as Inline checks, Dupro (During Production) checks and the Factory Walkthrough.
Inspections & audits

Automated inspections.

Guided audits and inspections easily conducted by your own QA/QC team, your agency, or even the supplier.

Fingertip removes repetitive tasks and enhance value added actions. Your assigned inspectors and auditors are empowered to execute your inspection in no time.

Fingertip allows you to conduct industry standard Pre-Final and Final inspections, Inline and Dupro checks as well as Factory Walkthrough, a regular housekeeping and compliance checklist to welcome or regularly monitor a supplier.


Real-time reports.

Check the status of your production as soon as inspection is done.

Fingertip guarantees instant insight for better decision making.

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AQL sampling method.

Fingertip's inspections features are based on the AQL Sampling Method, which helps your inspecting team to save tremendous amount of time on this important, but sometimes daunting task.

Inspecting a sample remains less disruptive and will help you managing tight deadlines.


Efficient Features

Advanced digital features built to serve you and your organization
the smart, simple and efficient way.
Mobile friendly

Conduct inspection from smartphone or tablet. Fingertip makes it easy for your QA/QC team, agency or supplier to self monitor.

Instant reports

Results of inspections are immediately sent to your Fingertip Cloud. Check them from any device.


The inspection is fully automated and digitalized. Follow each steps to conduct an inspection like never before.

24/7 Support

Need help? Fingertip provides 24/7 support to your teams so they never feel lost.


Turn your corrective action plan into clear alerts and notifications for your team to follow.

Offline Mode

Conduct inspections without needing to be connected. Data is uploaded as soon you get online.


Fingertip is easy to use. Everything can be done at the tip of your finger

Data Security

Your information is protected at all times. Your data is always safe within Fingertip.