Dupro check.

Dupro check by Fingertip is a regular quality audit performed during production. The digital Dupro check is very similar to the standard Pre-final inspection and will help your partners and suppliers make sure the end product is perfect.

Digital Dupro allows you to make sure your production is going well straight from the start, identifying defects and their cause at "needle point". Digital Dupro can be conducted on both soft and hard goods.


Sample Size Calculation

Digital Dupro by Fingertip is fully guided. And to make it even easier for your QA/QC team, it comes with an automatic sample size calculator.

You enter the total production size, select the order you want to check and Fingertip tells you immediately how many pieces and cartons need to be checked. Reduce human error by transitioning your audits and inspections inside Fingertip. It's that simple.


Easy Submission

Digital Dupro by Fingertip is so easy to conduct for your team. The process is guided and fully user-friendly for guaranteed fast onboarding and implementation. Your QA/QC, agency or even supplier just have to follow the steps one by one.

It reduces the chances of human error and increase efficiency on the production line. Once done, your team is only one tap of the finger away from submitting their Dupro and trigger an instant report. The report is immediately received by supervisors who'll be notified of the incoming report in their notification center.


Soft & Hard goods

Fingertip can be used to audit or inspect any soft or hard goods. Our digital tool adapts to your production allowing your team to simply follow the steps wether they're producing garment, shoes or pots & pans.

Fingertip was designed following processes developed on ground by our QA/QC team who have digitalised our successful quality guidelines.

Ready to Launch

Top-Notch Audit

Offline Mode
No network in the factory? No problem, Fingertip saves your inspection and send it to you as soon as device connects to internet.
Digital Measurement
Fingertip can help you inspect even faster with our stunning digital measurement tape. You measure, the size gets automatically filled in Fingertip.
Mobile friendly
Nothing more easy than conducting Fingertip Digital audits from any mobile device. Fingertip can be downloaded straight from the IOS or Play Store.
Friendly Support
Having an issue during inspection? Raise a ticket with our hotline and let us fix your problem in no time.

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