Digital Pre-final & Final

Fingertip offers the digital version of these 2 industry standard quality inspections required by all buyers, traders and importers.

Fingertip enables your QA/QC team, your agency or even supplier to conduct these important inspections once 80% or more of the product has been finished.

Digital pre-final and final inspection provide a precise look into your quality before your product is shipped.


Save Time!

With our digital Pre-final and Final Inspections, your team saves up to 50% time on that task. By using automation, fingertip allows inspections to be conducted much faster while leaving much less space for human error.

Quality checks can be done from any mobile device. Once done, an inspection report is instantly generated and shared with you, removing any delay due to manual reporting and email communication.

Save money

AQL Sampling Method

Fingertip's inspections features are based on the AQL Sampling Method, which supports your inspecting team in saving tremendous amount of time on this important, but sometimes daunting task. Inspecting a sample remains less disruptive and will help you meeting tight deadlines.

The Fingertip digital AQL sampling method also helps you controlling your cost as less human resources are needed due to the combination of sampling and automation. Data is immediately sent to the cloud for you to review it. Smart, Simple and Efficient.


Packaging Inspection

Digital Pre-final and final inspection gives you the opportunity to check packaging materials and methods before your product leaves the factory.

Fingertip covers carton inspection, artwork, barcodes, carton markings, packing assortment, labels and other packaging related topics. Fingertip offers industry standard processes to make sure your goods meet the highest quality standard possible.


Top-Notch Inspection

Offline Mode
No network in the factory? No problem, Fingertip saves your inspection and send it to you as soon as device connects to internet.
Digital Measurement
Fingertip can help you inspect even faster with our stunning digital measurement tape. You measure, the size gets automatically filled in Fingertip.
Mobile Friendly
Nothing more easy than conducting Fingertip Digital audits from any mobile device. Fingertip can be downloaded straight from the IOS or Play Store.
Friendly Support
Having an issue during inspection? Raise a ticket with our hotline and let us fix your problem in no time.

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