A smart and collaborative digital order & production management module built to monitor and follow up on your orders from order confirmation till shipment.

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Production Board
Full Transparency.

By contributing to a stronger and easier overseas/international digital collaboration, the PBF directly lowers needless and costly travel cost, increases On-time delivery performance, visibility on your order and traceability. PBF contributes to higher efficiency and productivity of all stakeholders.

Collaborative order management.

Streamline your supply chain with the collaborative capabilities of Fingertip. Assign the relevant stakeholders, Fingertip reminds them of their deadlines.

Open the chat box and communicate the right information to the right people, making sure your production remains smooth through constant collaboration.

Production board

Real time Follow up.

The PBF gives you a clear idea of production status at any given time and from any device. Follow progress and updates at one glance from our centralised board.

Each step of the process is covered by the PBF giving all stakeholders the information they need to make sure production continues on time and at the highest quality standard.


Transparency & Visibility

Fingertip gives you and your partners full transparency and instant visibility on your production from Purchase order until shipment.

Visual cues, graphs and charts simplify order management, helping you see everything at the tip of your finger.


Smart Features

Advanced digital features built to serve you and your organization
the smart, simple and efficient way.
All-in-one Platform

Production Board Fingertip creates true collaboration, full transparency and visibility within your supply-chain.

Chat Box

Communicating has never been so easy and organized. Open the chat and start your digital journey.


You have a different workflow than other organizations? No problem, Fingertip adapts to your in-house processes.

Notification Center

Action needs to be taken? Each stakeholder receives the right alert to fix issues.

Mobile Friendly

Access PBF from any device, 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

Unique Insights

Get advanced insights on your production status and easily prevent risks down the production line.

24/7 Support

Need help? Fingertip provides 24/7 support to your teams so they never feel lost.

Data Security

Your information is protected at all times. Your data is always safe within Fingertip.


Other modules.

Fingertip offers a full suite of integrated digital solutions to help you transition into the digital world of smart Supply Chain Management.
Company Portal.

Company Portal Fingertip is a single access enterprise portal. It allows your organization and its members to benefit from the power of cloud-based storage.

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Quality Support Fingertip.

Time and money-saving inspections module enabling you to monitor production quality in real-time.

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Single Source of Truth. Advanced Live-boards give you the insights you need to make your next smartest move.

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