Smart & real-time Live-boards.

Get game-changing actionable Live-boards and statistics of your production. The instant power of data intelligence opens a world of opportunities: analyze, plan and prevent. Fingertip turns data collected on the factory floor into your next smartest move.

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Live-boards benefits overview.

Data collected from our Production Management modules (PBF and QSF) is turned into visually striking and simple Live-boards, graphs, charts and other scorecards to give you a clear idea of overall performance, in real-time. Live-boards & Insights allow you to identify a problem at a glance while helping you prevent future failures.

Actionable Data.

Fingertip Live-boards don't show you things, they tell you things.

Each issue identified by our smart digital platform is turned into alerts in the notification center to help you take the right action to fix it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon predict and forecast how to manage your future success.


Flip the Scorecards.

In-depth production data at the tip of your finger.

Fingertip Live-boards allow you to explore your data. Flip the scorecards, zoom-in, compare, export and share with your colleagues. Our Live-boards are meant to be used and reviewed from all angles.

Don't believe us? Book a live demo with Niels and discover the unlimited power of Fingertip Insights.


Smart Filters.

Look at your data from all different angles.

Live-boards by Fingertip allow you to focus on your performance on a global level, regional, factory level or even on an order level.

It becomes so easy to compare countries or factories with each other. You get the chance to have a unique perspective on your business.


Smart Features

Live-boards Fingertip is full of smart, simple and efficient features to help you make the best business decision.

Live-board data raises concerns, identifies issues and offers solutions for you to follow.

Dark & light mode

Rest your eyes as you spend hours browsing through premium data.


All data available in Live-board can easily be shared across organisations. Just at the tip of your finger

Chat box

Live-boards offer a chat feature allowing you to communicate concerns and action plans to your partners in real-time.


Our insights can be looked at from any device, at any time, no matter where you are in the world.


An information you want to explore? Simply tap on a graph to expand it, allowing you to take a better look at what's happening.


You can export any Live-board in the format of your liking to add it to a message, a presentation or even print it.

Data security

Your data is safe with us. Fingertip follows ISO certifications and uses the reliable solutions from Microsoft Cloud.


Other modules.

Fingertip offers a full suite of integrated digital solutions to help you transition into the digital world of smart Supply Chain Management.
Company Portal.

Company Portal Fingertip is a single access enterprise portal. It allows your organization and its members to benefit from the power of cloud-based storage.

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Production board.

A smart and collaborative digital order & production management module built to monitor and follow up on your orders from order confirmation till shipment.

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Quality Support Fingertip.

Time and money-saving inspections module allowing you to monitor production quality in real-time.

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